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Start breeding late in season / fewer clutches?

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  • Start breeding late in season / fewer clutches?

    Hi, I have been wondering about this for a while now, but maybe one of the breeders can answer my question...

    I do not breed cresties myself, but I may be interested in doing so in a few years, and I generally like to learn more about the species.

    I am wondering what will happen if you introduce a male and a female relatively late in the season. Assuming they mate, the female will only have half a season or less to produce eggs. Will she just lay fewer clutches and stop when she is cooled, or could she get problems like becoming egg bound if she does not get a full season's worth of egg laying?

    Secondly, I know crested geckos can retain sperm over the winter, but how long does it last? Is it used up after a certain number of fertilized clutches, or simply unviable after some time (probably a combination of both)?

    I started thinking about this after my vet suggested I could pair up my cresties -- she thinks my male may be lovesick. Poor guy. I jokingly told her this would be a form of gecko-prostitution, but I am wondering if geckos benefit from mating, even if you do not want to breed them. If I just wanted to give my geckos the chance to mate, without having the female produce a large number of eggs, then pairing them late in the season may be an option. May also be interesting for those who would like to get some offspring, but maybe not dozens of hatchlings at once. I know you do not have to incubate all eggs, but would personally feel bad about freezing some of them.

    Happy to hear your thoughts
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    Hey Lucia!

    Sometimes, breeders will breed first-time girls for only half a season. That is pairing them later in the season. Also, sometimes people pair them at the end of a normal season and will allot them to continue to lay throughout the "off season", and give them a summer break.

    Short season- Lefs day you pair in June, instead of normal February. Thatlll give you about 4 clutches/ 8 eggs, if she cools in Oct. she may or may not stop laying once she's cooled, but full-seasoned girls can do the same thing.

    They can retain sperm for quite sometime, but I don't think it's actually known for how long. I e heard for up to 5 years, 3 years, and 6 months. If she Lays without a cool, she'll use up all her sperm by laying eggs. However, let's say they retain it for 6 months and she's cooled for 7 months, she won't have any viable eggs.

    That's crazy, I've never heard of any animal becoming "love sick" haha. And yes! It is like Gecko-tution lol.

    I may not be 100% right about this, and if anyone sees that I am wrong, please correct me. This is just my view of things.
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