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  • Food!

    Hey guys! I have 3 cresties and they are all currently eating the pangea insect flavor. I was wonder what flavor i should try nest! (: i was thinking maybe the banana apricot one. Whats your suggestions? Which flavor do cresties usually prefer?

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    Mine love both the banana apricot and the watermelon mango ones. Maybe get a small package of each and alternate.
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      I do what TAD suggested. I bought the 2oz packages of each flavor and alternate. I have an adult crestie and a new hatchling. That way they don't get tired of eating the same flavor over and over. Which is what happen when I was only feeding the banana apricot flavor.


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        Mine love the insect one too. They also like just the banana apricot sometimes. They used to eat the watermelon mango but barely touch it now for some reason. They refuse to eat the banana papaya. I've got a picky bunch of geckos. lol I'd try a small watermelon mango if your looking to try a totally different flavor.
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          Don't forget you can mix flavours too! I often will do half watermelon half insect or half pangea half repashy (to get them to eat the repashy I have left, they really prefer pangea over repashy now that I have introduced it).


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            I also suggest the banana apricot flavor! It's my gecko's all-time favorite! It would be a great idea to buy the small packages of each flavor and rotate them as well!
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