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Thanksgiving days with no pet sitter

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  • Thanksgiving days with no pet sitter

    Hello all.
    Quick question.

    Going out of town (unfortunately) for turkey day. I can put fresh food in and spray terrarium down Wednesday morning and we are back Saturday evening.
    This is a mature 31g or so Crestie, in an 18x18x24 terrarium.

    I have the Pangea feeding ledge that I usually keep some water in one side and food in the other.
    I figured I could leave both of those with food in them - and think that might be enough since this is a short trip.
    Can cover part of the mesh top with a towel to help trap humidity.

    Does that sound ok for such a short trip? Thoughts? Suggestions?


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    That might be okay through it’s borderline too long for me. Since you still have some time, can you try covering the tank with a towel and see how the humidity goes? Not too worried about food but misting is important, especially if you’ll have the heat on.

    There’s no way you can get someone to come once just to spray real quick? Then I’d be totally fine with it.
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      You might try soaking the towel first so it's wet when you leave it, but try to keep it up off the screen somehow so that your screen doesn't rust.
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        I found that the gecko food often starts fermenting or getting moldy in less than 2 days. Around thanksgiving time this may be less of an issue thanks to colder temperatures, but I would still prefer to give my geckos fresh food at least every other day. As you still have some time before thanksgiving, could you ask a friend or neighbor to stop by once or twice, just to give your gecko fresh food and water? Otherwise, I also recommend , which is where I found my gecko sitters so far.

        If your gecko does eat insects, you could also pop a few bugs (like phoenix worms, dubia roaches, or wax worms - please leave no crickets with the crestie) in the feeder dish. They do not spoil as fast as the gecko diet, and if they are (= dead), the gecko will usually not eat them.
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          He should be fine for three days without food, however he still needs to be sprayed. Could you get an auto mister? Or like Lucia said, is a great site.
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