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    Good afternoon! I'm fairly new to the gecko world and am curious about your opinions. I went to an expo this past week and have continued my search to advance my current stock. I've been talking with a variety of people and have gotten down to just a few but would like your opinions along with what you would consider their markings and apt for breeding traits.

    Thank you in advance!
    -a learner

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    I'm confused- are you asking about what morphs of geckos to breed in general, or specific animals? Pictures would help if you wanted us to give you opinions on specific animals If you just meant in general, it might help to see what breeders are currently selling and get an idea of what is popular now.
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      I am so sorry! I'm just getting the hang of this forum!

      Okay so let me clarify, I am new into crested so I am not as knowledgable with desirable morphs. I have a breeder that has given me a few options and am STUCK on what to choose..I mean, they're all lovely but in viewing traits what is more desirable or not rare but just sought after?

      My options are:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2464.jpg
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      1) Born in July

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2467.jpg
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      2) Born in Sept

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2471.jpg
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      3) Unknown DOB still juvenile

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2472.jpg
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ID:	1071149Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2473.jpg
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      4) Unknown DOB still juvenile


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        They all look like very nice geckos, and it is a hard choice if you want to pick one. I assume that you want to breed cresties in the future, the way you asked your question?

        I am not a breeder, but here's my take:

        Overall, breeders seem to prefer crested geckos with "good structure", meaning a broad head and large crests. Personally, I think some cresties with a narrower head and smaller crests look stunning as well. My female does not have the greatest head crests, but I find it highlights her delicate features. Anyway, that could just be me... ;-).
        Structure-wise, all the geckos look pretty good for such young animals, and I do not see one that particularly stands out. Crest structure is apparently a genetic trait, but also influenced by incubation temperature and time.

        Another popular trait are pinstripes, and 3 out of the 4 geckos (# 1, 3, and 4) you are showing are full pinstripes. This is highly desirable if you want to breed pinstripes yourself, as a pairing of two high percentage pinstripes is very likely to produce high percentage pinstripes or full pinstripes as well. On the other hand, pinstripes tend to have different back patterns than the geckos without pinstripes. I maybe wrong there, but I rarely see a chevron pattern like the one in gecko 2 on a pinstripe crestie. So if that is what you are going for, then maybe do not start with a full pinstripe.

        I also find that most breeders do not like to mix too many traits. E. g. Dalmatian spots are highly desirable if you want to breed mostly patternless Dalmatians, but seem to be less desirable in highly patterned geckos like harlequins. I often see pinstripes with some spots, and personally find it looks lovely, but some people prefer to work with "clean" geckos. None of these has a lot of spots anyway, so I would personally not make that part of the decision.

        Then there is pattern and color, which can be hard to predict in the offspring. From my limited observation, a pairing of two highly patterned geckos can produce some highly patterned babies, but there will also be some rather "plain" ones. Still, if you want highly patterned offspring, your best bet is to start with highly patterned parents. In this case, I would pick gecko # 2. It also looks like it may become more red with age.

        The other three geckos have very nice contrast, which is desirable as well.

        Gecko 4 shows some nice cream markings on the laterals that could grow into "whiteout" markings (i. e. a continuous block of white or cream along the belly). This trait is also often passed on to the offspring.

        Gecko 3 has very well defined lateral markings (a look I personally like a lot) that look like they will keep their shape as the gecko grows.

        Gecko 1 has awesome contrast, and the combination of dark + cream is timelessly popular.

        So... yeah, I can understand why you are having a hard time deciding. These all look like great geckos :-)
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          Well, what do YOU want to breed? I enjoy breeders who go for a specific trait or look, or to advance a morph further by introducing new traits to it, as opposed to breeders who just breed. I feel one should always have a goal. Mine when i begin breeding? I want to further advance the creamsicle morph.

          I think Lucia covered it pretty well above.

          1, 3, and 4 are all very nice geckos. Personally gecko #2 just doesn't have enough OOMPf for me, nothing screams out at me "OMG YES!" ya know?

          3 and 4 would make a nice beginning addition to a quad-strip project. I see both of them have some 'fuzz' on their sides. Both are excellent pin stripes too.

          #1 would be nice for a cream & black project I think as the other two seem to have some orange in them, so if that's a thing that interests you, there ya go.
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            Overall... I think #4 has the most potential. The pattern that carries onto the face and breaks it up is a sign of extreme potential. The lateral patterns have a good amount of white as well as a nice pattern. The pinning is also an added feature.
            The first one would be my second choice because of the creamy pattern.