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Really BAD smelling poop

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  • Really BAD smelling poop

    I purchased a young adult female (34 grams) last weekend at a show; I've had her a week now. She appears healthy, the person I bought her from said she's never been bred and had been kept with other females. She's calm and has been eating well - pangea CGD and a couple of crickets and waxworms with dust. Her poop smells absolutely terrible. I can smell it from outside the enclosure. Last night I cleaned her enclosure, washed it out and everything in it, put that stuff in front of a box fan for an hour to air it out. It all still stinks.

    The poop is formed/solid and brown. Almost looks like nuggets of play-doh. I didn't end up putting all the plastic plants back in and they still smell, despite being out in the open air for a day. The smell is a musty poop smell. Kinda like a dehydrated little old lady's poop when she hasn't gone in a week (I unfortunately know this because I am a nurse). All of my other geckos' poops don't really have an odor, and they are eating the same things. This gecko is very calm, not stressed. She ate a bunch of CGD while she was waiting in the kritter keeper for me to clean her enclosure. Half the time they are too stressed in there to eat - not this girl - she eats like a pig.

    Do you think the gecko could have been constipated/dehydrated? Is this stink a sign of some kind of disease or condition? Will it ever go away or did I just get a stinky one?

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    It could very well be a combination of a recent bug feeding a little dehydration. Some crested seem to have particularly offensive smelling poo after eating insects. if the poo doesn't look runny or wormy, I wouldn't be too worried about her health. A diet change can also mess with them. As long as she is behaving normally and eating, I wouldn't be too concerned.


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      Thanks - any tips for getting the smell off plastic?


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        really smelly poop can be a sign of parasites in reptiles as well, Next time she goes I'd try to get it to the vet to test for parasites, just to be safe. I've never had smelly gecko poo
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          I would second taking a sample in to the vet. I actually just posted about possible parasites on here last week.

          Out of the 7 cresteds that I have; 5 have poop that isnt smelly, 1 has poop thats a little smelly when fresh but doesn't really keep smelling (plus hes my big bug eater), and 1 has horribly smelly poops. My newest gecko is the smelly one and all I had to do was put my face near the enclosure and it stunk. When I closely examined his poo I saw a worm like thing in it. Took a sample to the vet last week, he has parasites. He eats like a pig, is active, and is a good weight. If not for the smell and close examination of his poop I would have thought nothing was wrong.

          If it was me, i'd take a sample in to be on the safe side.
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