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Crested gecko terrarium decorations?

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  • Crested gecko terrarium decorations?

    Okay... So I went shopping for plants for my gecko I'm getting when the reptile show is in my town (August) and I am not entirely sure how many plants I need, keep in mind they are all fake.
    I got an Exo-Terra hanging plant off of Amazon
    2 fish plants from walmart (one looks almost exactly like a reptile plant I saw at petco)
    and some dollar tree plants, the dollar tree plants I knew I might not be able to use them but I figured if I spent $3 and try it would be worth it
    I also got the fluker's bamboo bars

    So I have three questions,
    one, how much does the tank need to be filled?
    and two, how can I clean off the dollar tree plants enough for them to be safe? I saw somewhere that a vinegar or bleach solution would work but I just wanted to double check, I'm also going to cut/cover any wires..

    Also how can I put the plants together safely? my idea was to use a toilet paper roll and cover it in eco-earth (with silicone)
    then trim down and glue the three plants together with the silicone and put inside the roll...

    The reason I chose silicone is because I figured since silicone is safe to make a tank why wouldn't it be safe to glue the plants together. Thoughts?

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    I think most recommend 60% plants/decorations for your tank. The more the better.

    I've gotten plants from Dollar Tree and thrift stores (& Hobby Lobby) - I just wash them in Dawn detergent and hot water, and rinse really, really well.

    You can use silicone glue to put them together if you want. I usually just tuck them into various spots between vines, wood, hides, inside cork bark and other decorations, hang some on suction cups, etc. A toilet paper roll might mold after a short time, so watch that if you use one. Maybe try a piece of PVC pipe instead.
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