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    Just a quick question, as i'm currently getting together a cart of supplies on the pangea website. I'm trying to only get the essentials, as the cost is adding up quickly, and plan on improvising on some stuff. For example, i'm getting an acrylic gecko ledge, but plan on improvising and using milk lids to avoid having to buy the plastic cups. Would it be completely necessary to get a scale? I assume I would be able to notice sudden weight drops, but i'm just not sure. Even though the scale I could get is 12$, with good reviews, like I said earlier in the post money adds up very quickly. Also, what is the healthy weight range for an adult crestie? If I do get a scale, I want to know what i'm aiming for.

    The scale:

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    I would say it's pretty necessary. You can get one on ebay for 4$ from China with free shipping. I bought one of those and later got a free higher quality from someone as a throw in item when I bought my male crestie. I compared the accuracies between the cheapo 4$ one and the more expensive brand name one and they were identical.
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      They are very necessary. One of the most necessary things, next to food, water and plants. A huge weight drop will be noticable, but it'll be a huge weight drop. Weight drop is like the first sign of distress. Weight all depends on how much they eat, genetics and length.
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        If you're handy with DIY there are a ton of great tutorials on here about how to make your own feeding ledges. I made 4 of them for $14 using a method I found here that uses index card boxes. I also bought deli cups from walmart for pretty cheap and my scale came from Goodwill for $3.
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          Thanks guys! Ended up finding one on amazon with mostly good reviews, and with the gift card balance I have left i'd pretty much only be paying for shipping.


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            I do recommend the Pangea acrylic feeding ledges though. They are worth the $ for the convenience. I used some metal sauce cups I found laying around in the kitchen cupboard in mine. I may ditch the water bowl on one of the spots and plop a bromeliad in it instead

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