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Possibly infertile eggs- worth incubating?

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  • Possibly infertile eggs- worth incubating?

    My crestie Pandora laid two eggs tonight. She and my male, Mustard, have been very noisy since April. She laid two eggs on May 13 (exactly a month ago!) and they look good.
    I am incubating them. HOWEVER, the new ones were not laid in her box. (Pandora's box. Hehe.) I found them on the substrate, and they are dented on top. Should I try to incubate them? Also, can bad eggs spread mold to good eggs?

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    I'm not sure about the egg but I believe many people separate the male and female after awhile since the male will be constantly trying to breed with the female and it can stress her out while she is gravid with eggs. A female will produce multiple clutches of eggs over a span of several months from a single mating. She is able to retain sperm and use it with each new clutch. I hope you have lots of tanks to put these babies in because you could end up with a lot of them and cresties are not social animals.


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      You should incubate the slightly dented eggs. They may still be viable. Eggs that mold can effect good eggs, but simply keeping them separated will stop any issues.
      It is not uncommon to keep pairs together, so long as they are monitored for health and wintered properly. Having a 1.2 group works better to lower breeding stress, but 1.1 pairs can work out most of the time. Everyone has their own system and there is room for some husbandry variance in this species.


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        Update: both hatched. 2 healthy babies. They’ve been sold and are doing well. I can post pictures later.