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do screen cagess work well?

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  • do screen cagess work well?

    wats yoru gusy opinions on screened cages? im not sure if its exaclty what i want since its not exactly.. how do you say.. uhh clear to see through? i mean i dunno but id ratehr look through glass then some plastic mesh.. u knwo what imean? but how are they as liek maintenance and health wise?

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    its a personal preferance. but i prefer aquarium's/reptariums


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      I use tubs and glass cages with a couple melamine aboreal tanks.
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        i have a 29 gallon aquarium and its great screen cages give more air circulation but they are sometimes hard to keep the humidity up
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          I like aquariums better, myself. Easier to clean and to see through.

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            Ive got one of the Exo-Terra cages the biggest ones. There quite good but some think they are too expensive.
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              I prefer aquarium cages as well. They help keep humidity in, and when your gecko climbs on the glass you get to see their "stickyfeet" in action. It is quite entertaining.

              Both screen and glass enclosures both have advantages and disadvantages.
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                oh.. i was thinking liek noserub. can cresteds get nose rub? like i knwo red eye tree frogs do because when they jump from branch to branch they migh thit on the side of the tank. i was wondering if geckos do this too


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                  Screens cages have better airflow and can benefit your crested if you can keep the humidity up. If you can't, I recommend the zoo med vivariums


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                    Hey There!

                    Crested geckos aren't often known to rub their noses on mesh, although it can happen to any animal. I have noticed that if there is a lot of movement around the gecko cages, they will occasionally fling themselves at the wall thinking they saw a bug move. If this happens repeatedly on mesh it is capable of causing irritation.

                    In regards to using screen terrariums, it can be lightweight and allows plenty of airflow. However, unless you live in a very humid environment, maintaining a minimum 50% humidity during the day and achieving the 90% humidity when you mist is very difficult. Even in dry environments with a glass cage this can sometimes be a struggle, so please use a gauge and determine what the relative humidity of where you would keep the gecko is before you consider using a screen tank. If you are looking for lightweight but want the benefits of glass, you might consider an acrylic terrarium.

                    In addition, if you go the screen route, depending on the type of screen enclosure you use it can be very messy to create a naturalistic or bioactive terrarium, something that you might consider for your gecko!

                    I hope this was helpful!
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