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Aquarium conversion?

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  • Aquarium conversion?

    Hello all, new here! As of this Saturday I will be getting my first crested gecko! He/she will be my first reptile and I have done much extensive research into them and their care

    I currently have a tank that is 49 cm tall, so 19 inches, and have heard this is suitable for a baby- which I will be getting.

    However, I know they are arboreal therefore love to climb, and I'd really love to get a taller tank for when he/she is mature and no longer a baby.

    I 've been searching for a tank that is taller than my current one and have heard of people converting their aquarium's into tanks for their crestie's, and this makes sense considering it's built for holding water and a crestie needs humidity.

    Has anyone converted an aquarium before? What would I have to do? Remove the top and replace it with wire mesh? Is that all?

    Many thanks,

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    Well I have a 10 gallon tank that I flipped on side (long side up) and added clips to the top (which is now the door) to hold it shut. If that's what you mean.
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      I also have a 10 gallon long way up and the screen door is a custom window screen from my local hardware store that pops into place. It cost about $20. I think the tank was originally $5 at a garage sale so it's still pretty inexpensive, especially for a glass cage.
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