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  • wieght

    so my male gecko has been loosing weight and has not been eating. I took him to the vet and they said I was keeping him at to low a temp and had made him go into partial hibernation so I raised the temp to 78 witch is what the vet said it had too be at. But he is still loosing weight what do I do?

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    how long has the temp been raised?
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      If you could please answer the following, it may help...

      1. Before heightening it, what temperature was his enclosure kept at?
      2. How long has he been losing weight and refusing to eat?
      3. How much weight has he lost in total?
      4. Did you take him to a veterinarian who specializes in reptiles?
      5. Did your veterinarian do a fecal exam?
      6. Describe your usual husbandry practices and how his enclosure is set up?


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        When a gecko is kept too cold it's ability to metabolize nutrients is compromised. This can cause failure of organs and or systems within its body. You need to make sure it is hydrated and get some small amounts of food into it to get it going. If there is any shaking of extremities you should provide some rescue cal. A photo would help. Hybernation is a poor term to be used by a veterinarian.
        What temperature was he being kept at?


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          1. 70 during the day and 65-70 during night
          2. its been losing wight for about 1 1/2 months and refusing to eat for about 3 weeks
          3. about 5 grams
          4. yes the vet does specialize in reptiles
          5. no because there was no fecal to be examined
          6. the substrate is a reptile mat there are some exo terra vines and plants and a repti ledge feeding platform i mist the cage 6 times a day and feed repashy and crickets


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            Hmmm... I think I would attempt spoon feeding him enough food to allow him to pass a stool and have a fecal exam done. He could have a heavy parasite load. Before he stopped eating, were his stools abnormal (diarrhea, containing blood, etc)?
            During the winter, my room would sometimes be on the cooler side but none of my geckos lost weight or were lethargic. I did have a Crested who needed to be dewormed though and before being dewormed, she did not quite behave like her normal self and stopped gaining weight. I imagine, had she not been dewormed, she would have begun losing weight too.

            * By spoon feeding, I mean hold a spoon in front of him until he licks it off on his own. Some people seem to confuse hand feeding with force feeding :S *

            As Tom requested, a photo may help too.

            I also might suggest replacing the reptile carpet with paper towels for now (and potentially on a permanent basis due to reptile carpets harboring bacteria between washes).