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bad shed and now some sort of skin infection? (pictures below)

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  • bad shed and now some sort of skin infection? (pictures below)

    Okay so ive had my baby cresty for just over a month. He attempted his second shed around a week ago but it really didn't go well, with over half of his body behind his head remaining unshed. I left him a day to see if he'd get it off, but didn't, so since then ive been upping the humidity a little more at night but still letting it dry out through the day, and there are moist hides available. Ive also given him three gecko saunas so far, and it has helped the shed fairly well, with it coming off one of his feet and moving all the way back to his back legs. But now im not sure what to do, because as you can see from the pictures one of his feet has developed some weird sort of mould or something on it which I imagine is from the high humidities amongst his stuck shed on that foot. And even the colour isn't normal because his other foot is much darker on the toes as you can see.

    So should i carry on trying to get his shed off and is there any medicines i can get in stores or online? or is it even something to be worried about, i guess it might not be an infection or anything im not exactly a specialist.
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    I cannot quite tell what is going on but if it is infected or if you think it is becoming infected, you should schedule an appointment with a veterinarian. If he requires medication, it could be in the form of both a topical and oral antibiotic which, I believe, is usually diluted. If so, dilution is not something I recommend attempting on your own due to it being tricky with an animal so small.

    From what I have read, infected skin may appear to have a sheen or slimy appearance. I cannot tell from the photo if yours has either.

    During the saunas, did you rub his feet and toes with a q-tip? If so, perhaps his skin was rubbed a bit raw by accident, causing some discoloration.

    If he is kept on a natural substrate, I suggest switching him to paper towels until his foot looks normal again, so that, if it is not infected, it may not become infected.

    I apologize if this is not super helpful best of luck.


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      Like Inquisitive said, if there's a possibility of infection, a trip to the vet will be necessary. From the picture, I can't really tell what's going on with that foot; it may just be discolored due to rash or poor circulation. Stuck shed can be tight enough to restrict blood flow, so the first thing I'd do is get that shed off as quickly as possible. If, once he's free of the shed, the foot returns to normal, then you won't have to take him to the vet. Good luck with the shedding issue.
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