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love geckos just don't have one yet and i have a few questions.

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  • love geckos just don't have one yet and i have a few questions.

    I love geckos, i have a bearded dragon currently. But i have some questions about crested geckos.

    1. why do they say cresteds should only be fed feeders once a week? ( i have no problem with this and i'm not scared of bugs so i don't mind the feeder bugs except roaches)

    2. I've been researching crested gecko diets foods. I plan on using pangea or repashy, anyway i'm pretty sure if i buy from this one breeder the crestie may just eat crickets and i was wondering how do you get them to switch over to CGD?

    3. Like with most reptiles substrate is a hot issue and i don't mean to cause debate but what is everyone's stance on eco earth mixed with repti bark?

    4. has any one tried repti worms or phoenix worms with cresties and what size do they need to be for a baby?

    5. i was advised that if i get a baby that i need to buy a small enclosure for the baby gecko so it doesn't become frightened by such a large area?
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    1. It is recommended to give insects at most twice a week because apparently cresteds have great hunting urges and if they are fed too many crickets, they typically refuse to eat CGD.

    2. I've read that hand feeding them by placing some CGD on the tip of their nose and have them lick it off helps them switch over to CGD.

    3. I personally use paper towels but I do have a plastic container with eco earth coconut fiber inside as the humid hide and I have had no problems with that. I don't currently have an opinion on eco earth and repti bark together, though. Sorry.

    4. I've only fed my gecko crickets, and a rule of thumb for size would be to make sure that the insects you are feeding is no wider than the space between the geckos eyes, no longer than the length from the tip of the nose to the eye, etc.

    5. It would help to buy a smaller enclosure for a baby. Medium to Large sized Kritter Keepers work great (However, keeping humidity up for the baby in a Kritter Keeper is a little more difficult since they have too much ventilation. Try covering up a portion of it with plastic wrap or place a towel above it. Baby geckos generally need more humidity to ensure a healthy shed.). As long as you have a lot of foliage/hiding spots for the gecko to feel secure, you should do great!


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      I would say live feeders once a week because they are not a complete diet and do not provide everything a Crested Gecko needs nutritionally. If fed more than once a week, the Crested may choose to consume live feeders over a complete CGD and their health will begin to plummet.
      If you were asking why give live feeders at all, it isn't necessary but it is a good mental stimulant. Some geckos actually refuse to touch live feeders.
      If the gecko you are looking at has only been kept on crickets, you may want to look at a different breeder in my opinion. It could have Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) or other health issues due to being kept on an inadequate diet.
      I hand fed my gecko with a baby spoon dipped in CGD to introduce him to his new food. He was kept on a crickets only diet too.
      I do not at all recommend doing this method though.
      I have since read many suggestions advising against hand feeding your gecko.
      I also left CGD in his enclosure and began to quit hand feeding him after about a month and he transitioned fine though.
      I use paper towels to be super cautious so I cannot comment on that question.
      I do know of people using Phoenix Worms but I personally use B. Dubia Roaches so I cannot comment on that question either.
      Yes, small geckos do better in small enclosures. It's easier for them to find their food.


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        Not sure about the difference between reptile bark and orchid bark but we keep Rimbaud on orchid bark with no issues. I can't imagine mixing it with eco earth would make much of a difference...
        Rimbaud can be found at - if she feels like it!

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