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Moving "untame" crested gecko to a new vivarium

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  • Moving "untame" crested gecko to a new vivarium

    Hello all!

    I have had my crested gecko for about 6 years now and purchased him as an adult (about 1.5-2 yrs old), he's always been a fantastic pet! When I purchased him he wasn't overly hand tame (nervous and jumpy) and being able to handle him myself was definitely not a requirement. I know reptiles really only tolerate being handled and I felt if he didn't want to be touched than I didn't feel the need to try and make him comfortable with me picking him up.... until now that is.

    He is in a naturalistic vivarium that desperately needs some trimming and rearranging, it would be nearly impossible to do this with him still in it. He doesn't dart away from my hands or anything but I know that if I start moving big features around he will freak out. So long story short I need to relocate him into a different tank for a few hours while I trim the plants, etc. and then return him to his normal vivarium. I'm just really not sure how to go about doing that.. I really don't want him to drop his tail in this process.

    - Should I maybe start trying to hand tame him over the next few weeks and hold the trimming off till I know he will be more comfortable?
    - Or maybe try and usher him into a small box within his vivarium and then transfer that to his holding tank...?

    I'm kind of at a loss, obviously want to accomplish this with as little stress as possible.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I would make it as stressless as possible... if you can put him in a box in the enclosure and then remove him for a short time, that could work. Possibly put something from the enclosure in the box so it has the same smell. & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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      Good idea about the smell, I'll do that! I have a small transport container in his vivarium right now... wishfully thinking he will just crawl into it haha but I assume I will eventually need to direct him into it some how.

      Thanks for the reply JB!