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Skinny adult Male, but healthy?

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  • Skinny adult Male, but healthy?

    I have two sibling geckos, a male and a female. Both are looking healthy - eat, poop jump and no signs of MBD, BUT the male is really skinny. He is 24 grams while the female is 35(forgot exact numbers). The male for some reason eats 1/3 or 1/2 compared to the female. But when he was younger he had quite an appetite.
    Currently i can hardly (if at all) get him to eat live food (mealworms), which is strange, because when he was younger he used to go mad for them.
    I did try to give him some crickets a week ago but he didn't touch them and I got mad at the chirping after the 3ed day, so i gave the crickets to the ruthless female .

    Has anyone had similar experience or some thoughts about it?

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    My male will be 2 or 3 next month. I have to check the papers again lol.
    But he's been doing this since before I even got a female. Now it's even worse. He has started eating well on his own though after almost a year using a syringe to feed him.
    Currently have 4 fertile eggs and 2 adults.
    Picture is my male and female cuddling in a paper towel roll.


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      Mine is year and a half give or take but doesn't need to be force fed. Just... doesn't eat as much and is skinny.


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        Some young males take a while to fill out. Being with or near the scent of females can preoccupy them and they won't gain as quickly.
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