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Just some pics of my kids...

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  • Just some pics of my kids...

    Just thought I'd post a few pics of my kids. They're bigger now...but, I thought their color looked pretty good in these shots. Kind of in the 'ugly duckling' phase right now.

    This one should end up being a stunning red/orange bicolor. It has AMAZING lateral striping.

    This little guy is similar to the first, just not as much red in it's color. Probably be a nice orange flame.

    This one might end up being an orange/yellow flame, but I'm really not sure what it's going to do.

    I love the dalmation...but he/she's a out for nearly two weeks, but I found him/her and it hadn't lost ANY weight. Must be more loose crickets wandering around my room than I'd like to admit
    EWWWWW!!!!!!!! :wink:
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    Those are great looking "kids." I really like the coloring on the second one. They all have very unique coloring, it should be interesting to see how their color turns out as adults.
    - Nicole -

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      Very Nice!!! :wink:


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          The first two's coloring are amazing!Awesome geckos by the way.
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            I love that dalmation!! The nearly solid back pattern is absolutely gorgeous!
            -Marina York-

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