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New Vivarium; Putting Geckos Together

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  • New Vivarium; Putting Geckos Together

    Hello All,
    I have two females that I will soon be moving from their own separate bin enclosures into a 24*18*36 live planted vivarium. The plants are pretty acclimated at this point but I will probably give it at least 2 more weeks before adding the girls. My question is what do I need to do for them to make the transition as easy as possible from their bins to the viv? I plan on as little handling as possible of course and I don't really handle them a lot right now. I will have to handle them a little for live feedings because I can't give them crickets in the viv. But what I'm more worried about is how they will react to each other. Is it better to just put them both in at the same time and be done with it or should I try to do something like face their bins at each other on the off chance that they will see each other before moving in together? I'm not sure if that would even help or would just stress them out. Also, do I need to look out for anything once they are in together? I know I need to monitor how they interact and watch out for signs of fighting or bullying. I plan on having two separate food and water stations and there are multiple hide areas throughout the viv that will hopefully preclude any territorial issues. Maybe some experienced viv\cresty owners can help with any advice you might have, mistakes you made, or things you would have done differently when starting out. I would appreciate and accept any advice or feedback.

    The girls are each about 1 year, 4 months old and weigh 28 and 31 grams so they are very close in size. Here are some pictures of the viv for reference and any suggestions or feedback that may be pertinent. Thanks for your time everyone.
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    I think it was JB that mentioned this idea but not sure. You can take them out for "play dates" during the day. Like letting them hang out on a fake tree supervised. You could also try a 30 gallon tub to let them hang out in for a few minutes each day.
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      Sounds reasonable. I will look for that thread. Thank you for the sole reply, it must have been something I said. :l