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    Originally posted by kaisei1205 View Post
    i've been researching crested geckos, i want to buy one from a breeder. The only breeder in the area, i don't trust. They geckos look healthy from a distance but she said she only feeds them crickets and mealworms. If i go further out i can probably find other breeders but what are the signs of a unscrupulous breeder?
    I think feeding mealworms is kind of sketchy. I have read numerous times that mealworms are quite hard for a Crested to digest.
    I look for someone who cares more about the animal's health over their own personal desire.
    Anyways, a cricket and mealworm only diet is not good. I would hate to see how their breeders look.
    Signs of a bad breeder... I would say someone who is not willing to show you their breeders and who openly talks about employing improper husbandry practices.
    I know there are other signs that other users will elaborate on but my mind is going blank haha
    If you're willing to spend a bit of extra money, I would suggest looking into some of the well-known reputable breeders who tend to frequent these forums. The shipping window is sometimes small and there's the extra shipping price but I would say it's worth it in the end.
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