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  • Fussy Eater!!!

    Hi, I have a 5 month old crested gecko who I've had for about 2 months now and she's settled in very nicely. However when it comes to eating she becomes the bane of my life lol. She loves meal worms and eats them every time offered, but shows no interest in her CGD. I never see her eat it at all, the closest I've seen her get to it is taking a mud bath in it. I've changed the dish many times and also changed the food from zoo med, to repashy, to a different repashy, to pangea, and still the same. She's eaten a tiny bit when hand fed but sometimes wipes if off herself :/ I don't really want to encourage hand feeding as I would like her to feed on her own. I have just ordered black panther and will see how that turns out, I've also reduced the offering of meal worms to once a week. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or am I over-reacting or being over protective lol I just want to her to be happy and healthy and I've seen plenty of videos where geckos jump at the slight of CGD.
    Thanks for your help x

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    Mealworms can be a bit difficult for a Crested to digest. I would suggest something easier on her digestive system, such as crickets or dubia roaches.
    Before doing that though, you might want to quit feeding her live feeders until she begins eating her CGD. If she becomes spoiled on them, she might choose to turn her nose to CGD in favor of a live feeder.
    Although a good mental stimulant, live feeders aren't a complete diet for them. She really does need to be on a CGD above all else.
    BUT if you switch to Black Panther Zoological, you will need to offer her live feeders dusted in calcium with vitamin D3 because unless they changed their nutritional information, BPZ diet doesn't have any vitamin D3 — which is necessary to metabolize calcium.
    I would suggest sticking with Pangea for a while and not offering her live feeders until she begins eating her CGD.
    That's just my suggestion though. Someone else may have another opinion.
    May I also ask what consistency you offer her CGD in? On the thicker side or waterier side? Mine prefer their food to be a bit waterier in consistency.


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      I've tried crickets she turned her nose up at them, you see what I mean about fussy eater lol. I've got plenty calcium and vitamin powder I dust the worms in anyway. I've changed the consistency a couple times to see if it makes a difference. I think i'm going to reduce the worm intake to once a week and if things don't improve then stop offering them altogether until she learns to eat the CGD. Cruel to be kind I guess :/ Oh the rebellious teenage phase lol


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        haha well, I wish you the best of luck with this stubborn eater