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    Hey guys, it's probably no big deal but I'm always overly concerned... I got 2 females about 2 months ago, Luna and Eve, each weighing 37-40 grams. After adjusting, Luna would always be the first to come out of the "sleeping quarters" AKA the big section of leaves up top on the glass (yet they are always sleeping on the glass and not actually in the leaves which I find weird. Maybe they like the cool feel of the glass.). Anyway, she would always be the first and every minute you look she was somewhere else. A week ago I saw the good ol dreaded mold appearing a tiny bit on a branch so I removed it along with another branch and in the mean time installed a twisted Exo terra vine kind of in place of the branches. I haven't seen them on the vine yet but I'm probably just sleeping at that point. Ever since I moved everything around Luna has not really moved from her sleeping spot. I haven't once see her out from behind the plant up top. Eve is always out just doing her thing. This morning I checked and Luna looks like she didn't even move an inch. I didn't see them out when I rearanged the front of the tank, it's a 16x16x24. I didn't rustle the leaves too much and they were sleeping. Do you think maybe she is just stressed from me doing that? I feel like i should have taken them out first but didn't want to wake them up which I surely did anyhow. Also I know they are eating and stuff, they kill all the Pangea food flavors and I weigh them every couple weeks. Do you think she is fine? Is it nothing to be alarmed about? I'll give it more time, I just worry because she was super active. Thanks

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    I.don't think you have anything to worry about if she is eating.