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    So my baby Crested gecko Elroy has been moved to a smaller enclosure so I could monitor his food intake and poop output. I noticed that he actually isnt eating on his own and that I have to feed him. I found this out when I decided to let him eat on his own for almost a week and he was so skinny last night. So I plumped him up and will be hand feeding him for now. The way I feed him is by taking a little metal thingy I have for nail filing and on the hand end it has a dimple in the very edge of the grip. I scoop up some pangea and hold it in front of his nose. Sometimes I dab it on his nose so that he realizes it is food. Elroy hasnt been reacting to insects yet, but I will try again this week since his new enclosure is plastic and doesnt have a substrate so I can better see his poops. Now for my question, is it okay to be hand feeding Elroy? he is about 2 grams in weight. He is tiny! I know proper care at this age is very important so please let me know if im doing something wrong.


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    I don't really encourage hand feeding unless the animal is sick or losing weight. But with one so small it might be better to make sure he's off to a good start before just going for self-feeding cold turkey. How old is Elroy? If he's under 3 months I wouldn't worry. If he's older than that he could be a slow grower or have an underlying health issue. How long have you had him? New acquisitions can take several weeks to get comfortable. Switching enclosures could further set him back, but ultimately it may improve his feeding response and growth so I understand why you did it.

    Good luck! Hopefully you'll start seeing poop.
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      a weeks or so under a month and a half. I bought him at 2 weeks old and have had him for almost a month. Is this an okay weight for the age?