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Question about Hatchling colors

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  • Question about Hatchling colors

    Hello all, it's been a while since I last posted. I have a question about this hatchlings colors and how it may progress. I am wondering how the darker parts of crest and dorsum will progress, color wise. Do these oranges have a possibility to become creamy, or will they be a bold orangish color? Both parents have cream, but they are not the same color of cream. If that makes sense or helps lol
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    In my experience the orange fades to creamier white, depending on the parents. If he came from parents with an orange tinge to the dorsum, he's more likely to retain it. But a lot of my creamy babies hatch out with a "dirty" dorsum that whitens up at around 10-15 grams.
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      Thanks so much for the reply Spyral, exactly what I was looking for!!