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    I got my male crested gecko, Ichabod, about a year and a half ago from a reptile expo. He's always been a bit flighty and fast (he's always trying to run up to my shoulders) but lately he's not even been letting me get him out of his cage. I can't get a hold of him without worrying I'll hurt him and today when I was trying to get him out so I could clean his cage he started wagging his tail at me. The only thing that's changed is that earlier this summer I moved from Ohio to Florida and he went on a little roadtrip with me, but this behavior has only started fairly recently. Should I start over with him and treat him like a new geck, or are some geckos just not amenable to handling?

    On another note, he looks very small but he's 30g and has been holding steady there for a while. Is that a good weight for a nearly two year old male?

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    He could gain a bit more weight, 35 is a healthy weight for an adult male, especially if he is breeding. What is he feeding on?
    He's hit his sexual maturity, so maybe he's lonely this breeding season.
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      He's eating Pangea banana and papaya and he seems to like it. He's not overly interested in insects, he used to take a cricket or two but showed no interest in the dubia I had and then wasn't much for any insects. He's definitely not breeding so maybe he's just all excited for lady gecks.