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OPEN DISCUSSION #11 why crested geckos?

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    I grew up in Florida so have been in love with Anoles from an early age. When I finally got a reptile (other than a box turtle), I bought a Blue Tongue Skink who was really cool but I had a little bit of continuing paranoia about the high temps since Kentucky seems to be prone to ice storms and power outages. I started looking at Cresties when at the reptile expo and pet stores and started the process of researching and decided I'd like to get one. Picked a baby out from a breeder a couple of states away and got started with Ace. Love the crazy dude, he's a real character! Fell in love with a pretty yellow female at the next expo... and kept finding something to love about one the next several trips LOL. Up to... um... 16 currently with a couple of babies left to sell from the one breeding I've done so far. And have three pairs of eggs currently incubating from the second breeding.

    I ended up selling the BTS back in February since I wasn't paying much attention to him as compared to the Cresties. I hear he's got a girlfriend, now

    I love their little dragon looks, soft skin, grins, sticky feets, personalities... I could go on!
    Shannon Hayden

    6.5.*shrug* Crested Geckos
    And a whole lotta other critters!


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      It seems like just seeing them makes people want them... and the care requirements is a huge bonus!


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        I got interested in reptiles as a pet when I had a reptile show come to my classroom for my students. I did some research and found many teachers have them as classroom pets. Mammals can cause a lot of issues in a classroom (allergies, smell, size of enclosure) so I decided on a reptile. I got a crestie because they don't need live food. I also find they are cuter than a lot of other reptiles ;D I was interested in beardies as well but the live food (and size) was just too much for me. We ended up getting a second crestie for home and my girls love them. They don't require a lot of care but my kids can still engage with them when they please. Both are pretty calm once you pick them up. The students have learned a lot about an animal they never even knew existed. So have I!


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          I was initially introduced to Crested Geckos by my brother. During a yearlong period, he was obsessed with reptiles. He was encouraged to begin with a reptile of simpler care – a Crested Gecko. He purchased one and I thought the gecko was neat. Around two years passed by and I finally decided I wanted to own a reptile too. I initially purchased a comedic Leopard Gecko, whom I instantaneously named Leopold – he is full of drama and loves to pose for the camera. I had this recurring want though – to own a Crested Gecko. I kept thinking of how cute my brother’s Crested was. It didn’t take long for me to decide that I wanted to add a Crested to my new reptilian family.
          I purchased a juvenile Brown Harlequin and during the next few months, I began to deeply appreciate and fall in love with the species. Around three months later, I purchased my second – a 3 gram Brown Harlequin partial Pinstripe with Dalmatian spotting. I now take care of my brother’s three year old patternless and two weeks ago, I purchased a juvenile Red Harlequin with Dalmatian spotting.
          There are so many things about them that I adore. Their appearance, their personality and simple upkeep are all so appealing to me. On second thought, it’s the feet. Those adorable dragon-like feet kill me!
          I find myself wanting to learn everything I can about them as my appreciation further deepens. I can say with honesty, throughout the span of my life, I believe I will always have at least one of each of these following animals: a cat, a dog and a Crested Gecko.

          Here is the dramatic king who started off my reptilian family.
          Click image for larger version

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          And here is the lovely lady who stole my heart. She was so little in this photo (she is huge now)!
          Click image for larger version

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          12.18.18 Correlophus Ciliatus
          1.0.0 Eublepharis Macularius

          Grim Geckos


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            I had Pictus and Leopards before I had cresties and just really wanted something that didn't require heat and the bugs. Did some research, came across geckos and fell in love! Right now I don't have any, sold my collection two years ago...but got bit by the bug again and have been looking for the right gecko for the last few weeks. This time I just want a pet but, I still want a pretty one so I'm being selective. I have a thing for Super Dalmations and used to breed them so I'm waiting for the right male to come along I might eventually breed again but not right now.
            "I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message."-Steve Irwin​


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              I wanted a hardy, fairly easy to keep reptile that can be handled.


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                For me it was love at first poop on. I have had all kinds of reptiles my whole life and had done alot of research on cresties but wasnt sure on getting anything. Then one day I went into a local pet store where they had just gotten a female dalmatian crestie in on trade. She was deathly skinny, covered in stuck shed including several layers of eye caps on both eyes and a very thin bent pelvis. I held her and she pooped on me then looked up with that crestie smile and I had to have her. She weighted 10g had had apparently just laid eggs. $300 at the vet later and 3 weeks of hand feeding her meds and CGD she started to improve. She is now my 43g potato with eyes. She is just my loved pet now and will never be bred. She is also the calmest reptile I have ever had.Click image for larger version

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