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Derpy has a new home!

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  • Derpy has a new home!

    Some of you may remember a few months ago that Mike (Dragontown) produced a nice red crestie with an undershot jaw that he was hoping to find a home for. I had arranged to pick it up at White Plains in April but I got sick that weekend. I finally made it there today, and I'm pleased to say that Derpy has a new home with me! After much consideration, I've decided to try her (turned out to be female) out in my planted 12x12x18, but I will be watching her carefully to make sure she eats and poops and am prepared to downsize her to a smaller tub if that doesn't work out (I have successfully housed garg hatchlings of the same size in similar enclosures).

    Without further ado, here she is in her new trial home:

    THank you very much, Mike.


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    So you're the lucky one who got the cute gecko! Congratulations!
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      Hey Aliza... good to see you as always. Thanks for giving her a good home! I'm seeing some shed about to happen there too!


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        I"ll keep you posted . . . tonight is cricket night for cresties and gargs!