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Soon to be first time owner, little frustrated and need help setting up

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    All of the sticks I use in my cages are from outside. Just bake them at a low temperature before putting them in the cage to control any insects or fungi that might be on them.
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      Ebay may be helpful as well. You can get anything there, and usually cheaper than in stores. I use it all the time! I just looked and there are tons of different selections of bamboo on there! I bought a Fluker's bend a branch vine on there for my crestie awhile back and it works great, and my crestie loves it!


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        I've just started using suction cups like these) from the bathroom section in Walmart to adhere decor in my vivs. They're a little more expensive than basic suction cups, but I like them for the really big sturdy hooks and the ratcheting suction action. I find that they hold on a little better, so you can actually use them as a structural support for, say, the climbing vine or for artificial plants. You might even be able to make a hole in one side of the pipe insulation for the hook and hold it up that way?

        Hope this helps, and good luck getting your tank set up!
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