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Cresty only eats Dubias

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    Thanks guys. I have tried to starve/wean him of the bugs before and he went 2 weeks and had me worried so I gave in and fed him the roaches and it was gone in a matter of seconds and he's been great ever since. I might try the GCD "bath" I guess you could say and make a food dish for the roaches to walk around in it.


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      It may be hard to notice when they eat the CGD. The best way is to look for poop, not lick marks. If they are pooping, they are obviously eating something. I've had a gecko go for 6 weeks without appearing to eat CGD so I wouldn't worry unless you've seen no signs of any poop for more than 2-3 weeks. It can take 5-7 days for food to move completely out of their systems.

      Often they just don't like the brand or flavor of the food, in which case you can switch things up. Try dunking roaches in the wet food before feeding so they can associate the taste with food. Then refrain from live feedings for about 2-3 weeks; check for poop. Good luck!
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