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Quick cricket feeding question

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  • Quick cricket feeding question

    (First things first: My gecko gets fed repashy CGD, i only offer him crickets once a week, and yes they are properly calcium dusted and gutloaded.)

    So, I've had my juvie crestie, Picasso, for about 4 or 5 months now, and he's just finally starting to realize that crickets are pretty tasty treats (He had previously been rather uninterested). But, it seems he may like them a little bit too much!

    This evening, i put him into his seperate critter cage, and put in about 7 small/medium crickets as i usually do. Now, every previous time I've offered them to him, he would eat around 2 of them, i'd only once had him go as far as eating 3.

    But apparently this time was different for whatever reason; He went absolutely WILD tonight, and ate 5 crickets! Not only that, but he was going to eat more, and I actually had to stop him from finishing off the rest! This may not seem like a big deal, but given the fact that he's still rather small, it certainly surprised me.

    Now, i've always been told that you should just let cresties eat until they're full, that they'll lose interest and stop hunting once they are done, etc.
    But... apparently my little buddy doesn't know when to stop.

    He's visibly bloated with crickets. His stomach is actually expanded, and he looks rather chubby compared to his normally lean appearance.
    Now, he seems perfectly fine so far, if not a bit sluggish from being so full, but i cant help but worry, and this is where i need help:

    Is it possible for a crestie to eat too much, to the point where it causes issues? Do i have to worry about vomiting, poop abnormalities, etc.? I'd like to know what to look out for, just in case. Any help would really be appreciated.

    Edit: I know that I may sound dumb, like I'm just worrying over nothing... I'm still at that point where I am terrified of doing anything wrong, so I know its very possible that I'm just paranoid.
    It'd just really help if i could get some outside opinions, if only to feel a little less crazy/unsure!
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    They can really pack in the bugs. I haven't personally had issues with crickets or roaches, but it's possible some bugs like mealworms should be limited at a time because they can be harder to digest. I think 5-7 is fine.
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