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    So I'm turning into my grandmother and worrying. How can I tell how good my gecko's sight is? At first today I noticed that one eye looked a little different from the other and then I thought that I was wrong and it was fine. Then I was worrying how her sight was because she wasn't interested in going for crickets anymore. What are some reasons why a gecko might have bad vision? I'm wondering if I did something wrong. I am probably just freaking out for nothing though. Also when I was putting her back in her cage she jumped and hit the glass a little bit.

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    I did some research and I think she might be a little dehydrated. That's the vibe that I got from her anyway. I put in a plate of water because there wasn't one earlier... just misting. Maybe that's why her eyes are a little different.


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      I don.t have a water plate i only mist ...she.s 1.1year old and i didn.t had any water issues.


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        is it possible she's shedding adn the shed's covering the eye?


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          Cresteds don't seem to have terrific vision, they see movement well and they probably see color, but I don't think they see fine details. It's normal for them to jump into glass. Some don't care about prey, so as long as the gecko seem like he is moving around, can jump from hand to hand when you have him out, and otherwise responds to light stimuli then I don't think there's a major issue.

          A poor diet can cause eye issues, especially lake of beta carotene or Vitamin A supplementation. As will stuck shed as mentioned above.
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