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  • Trust

    How do I get my gecko to trust me? I've had her for a week and I'm afraid I might have been too grabby as I get nervous about handling her. Now I would love it if she would crawl onto my hand but she's not into it. I hope over time we both get more trustful. Also I am scared about letting her roam because she might hurt herself. Thx. I am going to try handling her to relaxing music btw

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    Also it's sad because her gecko food was supposed to come in the mail today but it didn't, then I didn't get her more crickets because I'm sick and now it's too late. So I gave her some watermelon but she's holding out for crickets in her tub. The poor thing. Yesterday I thought it would be the last day without food so I just gave her strawberry mush.


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      I'm going to feed her figs or papaya tonight because I read that they're very healthy, at least for tonight.


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        you have to be patient. I leave new geckos alone for almost a month before trying to do much handling (other than tank clean outs and what not). It can take them awhile to acclimate to their new home so it's best to let them settle in.
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          Yep 1 week is to early for gecko....btw you should feed apples pears and banannas. But only 1 time per week bannana gecko loves bannanas


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            well i *hope* i was lucky with Xilas (he's still in the reptile house)

            Basically i have been handling him since 4 weeks old, and every week i see him he is always the same... walks onto my hand from the viv... sits and chills for about 5 mins... then he hand walks... hops about (not like panicky ones) and then climbs up to either my elbow (his fave place) or my shoulder.

            Does this mean it will take him less time to be panicky (i hope you know that i mean the opposite?) when i get him home? thanks

            And good luck with you OP
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