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Plaster of Paris?

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  • Plaster of Paris?

    Anyone work with plaster of Paris in regards to their cresties? I am wanting to make some structures to go inside their enclosures for places to hide. If anyone has worked with it I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    i would say no to plaster of paris... (i don't know if it would be harmful though), anyway, one of my friends on here, Celqis, used *self expanding foam* and painted it natural colours once it dried... he made ledges, tunnles, hides and a backdrop (all in one or two stages)

    Hope this helps
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      I would think it would be fine as long as you cover it in modge podge or a thin layer of silicone. There are people out there that use foam and cover it in grout for their fake rock structures and they look pretty cool. They always cover it in modge podge or silicone so the water doesn't eat it away with every misting. I wouldn't see an issue if it's done right. Just look up diy rocks for terrariums. Should give you some ideas.

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