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  • 2 quick questions

    Hi. I had a couple questions to ask about temperatures and substrate. The first question I have is if 73-74 degrees Farenheit Would be a good temperature for a crestie because my house temps range from 72-74 degrees Farenheit. The second question I had is what would be a good substrate to put in an enclosure besides paper towel and that looks good in the enclosure? Thanks for your help!
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    answer 1: 72-74 (roughly translates to 22-27 centigrade) and that is perfect for them (although 28 is dangerous and as long as you don't drop below 21 centigrade)

    answer 2: Buy something called Coco Brick, that has coconut fiber and soil in it, and some cork hollows/branches, rocks would look nice too if you can find some at a pet store/reptile house... never get natural stuff from nature, it could be dangerous (germs) etc... also a few fake vines (the bendy ones are amazing) I am not speaking from experience, but the reptile house where i am getting mine from (and the internet and this forum) have taught me all i know
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      Your temperatures sound pretty good. I keep all mine around 73-75ºF and they do just fine.

      Also I somewhat disagree with Graham about the substrate. Its best to keep hatchlings and young geckos on paper towel, so its easier to monitor waste to tell if they actually are eating. You can use the Coco brick or eco-earth coco fiber, I actually prefer more natural soil mixtures like forest floor or something along those lines, but if you do use one of these absolutely do no feed insects inside their enclosure, use a separate bin. Just make sure you stay away from the carpet substrates since their claws can get stuck in them and that is no good, they also tend to harbor bacterias and the like, especially with the moisture you'll be adding. I use paper towel in all my enclosures except my vivariums, the ones with live plants and the like. Hopefully this helps you.


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        Thanks for your help guys. I really appreciate it. P.S: Is cypress mulch ok? Will Eco Earth and Forest Floor give mites to cresties?


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          I'm not a huge fan of bark substrates for crested geckos. Chunks could cause impaction if swallowed and they just seem sharp or uncomfortable for delicate geckos. I'm a fan of coco fiber mixed with organic potting soil and sifted so that only small particles are used. Moss and/or leaf litter on top. Seems to work pretty well.
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            Yeah I would stay away from the cypress mulch. I've never had a problem with mites.

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