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How to encourage play and is it needed?

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  • How to encourage play and is it needed?

    I thought about making a thread like this for a few days:

    Now i know some people will disagree, and you guys know more than me anyway :P these are just suggestions, and also what i have read, and watched.

    Please tell me your thoughts:

    1. I watched a youtube vid the other week showing a beardie playing with crickets inside a cat treat ball (some one on here said that they didn't agree with this, and that is was wrong because it would be teasing... I agree)

    2. After doing my research all month before i knew a crested was for me, i read a few sources (i didn't book mark but im sure you can find it), that said that some crested geckos love cuddly toys, and would cuddle up to, and *play* with them.

    3. I know *some* lizards love to play with *puzzles* and *toys* (monitor lizards) could this be extended to cresteds?

    Notes: it is not my intention to treat them like anything else apart from what they are, and it is not so i can go *aww, how cute*. The reason i am talking about this is because, they are in a tank all day, every day 99% of the time... i know most people will say *it's what they are used to because they were born in captivity* etc, but look at captive dolphins (ok cresteds are not dolphins) but look how they love to play... Also... if we could see if they do respond to certain activities, maybe they could have more fun (for themselves)? And also cut some of the boredom i am sure they have? (you can tell when animals are bored, even tortoises and other reptiles get bored, so what about the poor cresteds?)

    I don't mind if i sound like an idiot lol, its just, i look at them sitting in their tanks/cages/vivs and i just can't help but to think *poor things... i would hate to be in something like that all day without any *release*.

    (and please... if you disagree, please be gentile and state why )
    If all you want from life is *Roses* and life gives you Roses... Then how are you going to smell anything else?

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    The real reason i am asking is because as i say i am only allowed one... and ok, i can let him out, and walk/jump on me if thats what he weant's to do... but i can't be his play mate so he can have fun... One guy on his own in my eyes is going to be very bored.

    That is why i ask
    If all you want from life is *Roses* and life gives you Roses... Then how are you going to smell anything else?


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      In my experience. They really don't like being around each other. Mine typically attack each other when they are together. I've even witnessed hatchlings attack each other. I've seen geckos attack their reflections. Even my breeding pair doesn't like each other very well, only well enough to make babies. That being said. I don't think he will be bored. They are very active at night and as long as they have stuff to climb on, they seem to be happy.

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        I agree with Salmon. Crested geckos really don't need to be "entertained". Monitor's and other large reptiles are different as they are much more intelligent. Crested geckos have very small brains and capacity. As long as they are fed, feel safe, and have enough room to climb around in they are happy. That is why large snakes can be kept in very small tanks compared to their size. Snakes don't have any desire to have stimuli/"entertainment" as long as they are warm, fed, and feel safe. Crested geckos and reptiles in general, some species are exceptions to this but in general they are solitary animals and only come together to breed. In the wild cannibalism, fighting, and aggression between reptiles is common and this carries over into captivity.


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          if you want to enrich their lives, I say give them different types of climbing posts and a nice tall habitat. That'll make them happy!


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            I don't think crested geckos do need a kind of entertainment if you supply them with plenty of cage furnishings. As I had stated on Open Discussion 1, their social interactions can possibly depend on the individuals. Of course when its concerning more than one male with female(s) there will more than likely be issues. I have kept geckos in groups of females, a male and 2 females temporary and hatchlings that are unsexed together. Given that I try and handle all my geckos when I spray them and feed them I believe throughout time they have associated me with food and water. Since they don't live in constant fear, maybe it changes their overall way of being. I have purchased geckos that are a complete mess and are constantly on fight or flight mode. This of course can change after a while though there are some geckos that are naturally like this. Since they don't fight for food like they would if they were in the wild, most of the time I look into my gecko cages and I see that they are with one another. Usually laying on top of branches or just exploring. All my geckos have their tails except for one who lost it due to my cat trying to open its cage or geckos that were already like that when I purchased them. Maybe this will change come breeding. I think they can be social but you also have to read the individual geckos. I'll put pairs of laying females together that are both calm. Some that like to explore and never stay still, I'll put those together. We all have different experiences though.


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              arojas7112- awesome photo!! I love it!


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                Thanks DracoKat!


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                  thanks everyone and that is an amazing photo... I have seen videos of 2 cresteds (and a few of them had an adult and a baby/hatchling hitching a lift on the adults back, when the baby would move, the adult would nudge it, so it stayed still, lol)
                  If all you want from life is *Roses* and life gives you Roses... Then how are you going to smell anything else?