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New here! Plus a few questions

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  • New here! Plus a few questions

    Hi everyone,

    I recently (a couple months ago) got into the crested gecko world and couldn't be any happier. They are the coolest little guys. I already have four of them .
    They are all pretty small right now, but they have all been eating like crazy and growing pretty well. My first three were purchased from pet stores and the fourth at repticon!
    I always feel bad for the reptiles in pet stores because they don't always live in the greatest conditions. My friend rescued a crestie because the temp was at 90F and the humidity was at 30%!

    I have a few questions:

    1) I wanted to try and start feeding them crickets, but I wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not? I have been feeding them the repashy food and they have definitely been eating that.

    2) Should I be giving them any calcium? I know that the repashy food contains calcium, but is it enough?

    3) Can anyone tell me what morphs mine are? and if they could be worth anything if I were to breed them? They were all fairly cheap since I bought them at pet stores.

    Here are some pictures of my little guys! (sorry the first two guys have sideways pictures)

    This guy doesn't have a name yet so any suggestions would be appreciated! (around 7.4g)

    This is Athena (4.2g)

    This is Roman ( 11.4g)

    This is coconut (around 5g)

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    Extreme harlequin
    Flame with dash pinning.

    Crickets are just fine and really good for growth. The calcium is enough and you can lightly dust crickets with it once a week.


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      I would almost say that coconut is a brindle rather than a flame because of the broken lines on the sides. A very creamy looking gecko in either case and I wouldn't be surprised if the dorsal area became solid cream as he/she grows.