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  • Sexing

    Hi everybody,

    I'm sure you get a million questions on sexing, but here's one more

    When my crested was in the 10-18 gram range, I was positive the it had pores and was a male so I stopped checking. "He" is 34 grams/1 yr 9 months old now. Rowan wiggles so much I can't get a good enough look to check for pores, and it recently dawned on me that Rowan doesn't have any hemipenis bulge. I have also heard about females having pseudo-pores.

    So my question is: is it possible for a male to have very minimal bulge, or at this point is Rowan most likely a female?

    I've seen a lot of about when pores show up, but not if a hemipenis can show up very late.

    Click image for larger version

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    Judging by the picture I would say you have a female. My boys usually were very noticeable before the 20 gram mark and by 34 I for sure knew if they were male or female. Pores should be pretty visable at this size.