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Sleeping upside down?

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  • Sleeping upside down?

    Hey everyone, So Im a new crested gecko owner. I got Charlie about 3 weeks ago and he's doing very well.

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    He's acclimated to his new tank (which has slowly gone through some renovations, but this is how it looks now) I feed him once every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and spray his tank twice daily (until i see him drink from his bowl of water). He gets handled once every few days.

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    I read putting in many hidings spots and places to sleep will help prevent sleeping upside down so as you can tell I've built a beautiful tank with over 12 species of plants and over 15 individual plants. I used a lot of youtube videos for inspiration but mostly went with what i felt looked cool and colourful. There are no plastic plants in there.

    My main area of concern is FTS. He keeps sleeping upside down on the tank walls ever since I removed the very sketchy plastic plant that hung from the side of the tank (used to spend days in it). I could go out and buy another silk plant that serves the same purpose but id rather keep it natural.

    any thoughts?

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    One of my girls does this. Every morning I'll pick her up and allow her to walk into a paper towel tube hide so that she is horizontal, but she still developed FTS.
    3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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      With vertical walls this can always come up as an issue. I find that giving them good ground cover to hide under helps. The cover seems to be preferred, over vertical surfaces, by the vast majority for sleeping. Enclosures with obtuse angles work best to avoid FTS. It is much more effective in preventing their tails from folding back over their bodies while climbing or sleeping on the side walls.
      Some large sturdy leaves to crawl under, or some sort of a hide, may be your best option. You still may be stuck with fake foliage, but at least your pet will be better off. Sometimes those vertical hanging cresties just keep hanging on to old habits.


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        You might try finding a spot for a small clump of snake plants. They would give a vertical surface if he really prefers sleeping that way, but they would give support for his tail too.


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          I have found that covering the walls in hanging plants and vines helps reduce hanging upside down. When they do hang in the plant, the foliage helps to support the tail and prevent flopping, as they tend to grip the plant with their tail. I have a die-hard "hanger" and the plants have helped with his little habit.


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            Update: i got him that artifical hanging plant ( until i can grow something that long) hes taken to it and also discovered he likes sleeping between the bromiliad leaves. I think hes going to be ok!