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What in the world?!?!........and fixed cage

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  • What in the world?!?!........and fixed cage

    What the heck

    Her new enclosure after her close call.(without the tree cause she is hunting)

    Some random pics


    I see you

    Any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns are welcome.
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    What size is the new tank?
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      Nice crestie...I like that second pic after the random pics sentence....the one with the bark and lil bush behind your crestie and the fade out of the background.....really cool! How did you make the branch go acroos like that? how stable is it?
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        It is still a 10 gallon, but i put in papertowel instead of the bark. She swallowed a bark chip awhile ago while trying to catch a cricket.
        Better safe than sorry, sometimes you learn lessons the hardway.

        Jillie---Are you talking about the very last picture? I just thought i would look cool if i took a pic of her looking through her plants. And it turned out even better.

        Here is a pic running across the tank, it is connected with suction cups and is ver stable.
        Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make. ---Count Dracula


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          Great to see she's settled into the new set up and has had no further problems due to the bark chip.

          p.s the "undercover" first pic is the best
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            Glad to see nessie is okay
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              You always get great pics of Nessie! The buried photo is cute. So does she know when the furniture comes out, it's feeding time?
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                glad nessies okay.. one thing ou can do though is have your gecko in a seperate enclosure when feeding time comes.. that is, if you prefer bark over paper towel substrate. just move him into a tub or somethin with no swallowable substrate and have feeding time in there


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                  Great to hear shes okay and loking great. The first picture is cool. Looks like shes gonna raid the cricket base from below. Thats a good idea to take out some furniture. I should start doing that.
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                    Thanks. She loves her papertowels though now. She hides between the 2 layers and it is her new place to explore, i think she is under there right now. Buy 2 nights ago i couldn't find her in the tank and i was looking everwhere and then i noticed like 5-6 minutes later that there was a small orange bump in the paper towels , very naught lizard
                    Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make. ---Count Dracula


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                      Awesome!Glad to see Nessie's good with her surroundings!
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