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Petsmart frog butt

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  • Petsmart frog butt

    So our petsmart does not sell what they consider "defective" animals, but allow for adoption! Major respect to the staff at our store that does not like the term defective. Click image for larger version

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    Any ideas on morph would be appreciated. I love the little he/she with minor pinning and serious trim around back legs. Enjoy

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    That looks like a yellow tiger to me.

    Our PetSmart hosts adoptions for unwanted pets. The humane society normally has pets there on Saturdays, and a racing greyhound rescue and a chihuahua rescue show up there on some weekends. Other groups show up sometimes, too. When I visit on Saturdays they'll usually tell me how many homeless animals found homes that day, then everybody cheers. There are cages off to the side that house potential adoptees from the humane society all week long. They all do background checks, and quite a few animals find homes that way. I agree, major respect for that.
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      Cute little guy and congrats; my local stores don't adopt out animals that 'can't' be sold but they really should. I did take pity on my tailless gargoyle gecko Mortimer and now consider him my 'pet store rescue.'

      Be forewarned though; you will definitely want to have at the very, very least, a fecal test done as all my pet store crew have had issues with parasite infestations. Luckily, dosing with a dewormer like Panacure is relatively easy if you can mix the meds with a little honey or CGD and have the gecko lick it off your finger.
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        Thanks guys. And octopus mafia I will get the little dude to the vet and def keep that in mind on any future geckos from there


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          Congrats on the new little friend! It looks like a female to me.
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