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    My Crested Gecko escaped and was gone for about two months. I found him a few weeks ago tailless, and very skinny. Since then I started feeding him CGD mixed with fresh banana (he loves it) every day but cut back to three times a week after he threw up on me from overfeeding. He is still really skinny and I can't seem to get him to gain much weight back...any suggestions to fatten him up???

    p.s. not really sure how this thing works so hopefully i posted this right...

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    I keep my geckos at a room temperature of about 72F. The enclosure they are kept in has a thermal gradient of about 82F at the very top of the enclosure and 70F at ground level in the shade. I find my geckos tend to locate themselves where the temperature is of a metric that suits their requirements for what they are doing i.e.. digesting, basking, sleeping. Do you think your little one could benefit from a slightly warm spot in the enclosure in order to metabolize faster, thus increasing weight faster?
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      I would make sure that he is fully hydrated before feeding. Even if he's skinny, overfeeding now won't help him. It could shock his system, along with so much handling after being on the run for so long. Keep stress to a minimum, give him a soak in very shallow lukewarm, not hot, water for about half an hour. Most signs that people interpreset as being "skinny" are from dehydration, not lack of body mass.

      Cut out the banana, you'll skew the calcium to phosphorus ratio. Stick to a good commercial CGD. You can add in blended fruits every other week. Try gutloaded, dusted crickets or other feeder insects. Waxworms would be good to help put on weight, but not too many, too often. Once or twice a week as many as he will eat in 15 minutes.
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        I hope he starts gaining weight soon. Do you mind telling us where and how you found him?


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          thank you! will definitely try the waxworms.

          And in regards to how I found him- I found his tail at the bottom of the steps a few weeks after he got out of his tank.....scared the shit out of me because I didn't know their tails could fall off lol. I was surprised that he made it out of my room and all the way down a fight of stairs. Didn't see any more signs of him after that so i figured he was dead. But then one day (about a month later) I was folding some blankets that were bunched in a corner of our den space and then BAM! There he was! Just chillin in the blankets. What a happy happy person I was that day


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            it would be helpful if you posted some pictures of him. That way we could tell you if its truly a loss of body mass or dehydration.
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