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  • helpppp

    hi guys,

    got my first pair of crested geckos a couple of weeks back and was feeding them on the powdery diet stuff hich you add with water.
    i bought some crickets the other day and one of them (male) is eating them fine, as soon as you ut it in the tank its gone in a matter of seconds haha, where as the female is the complete opposite and just wont touch them just completely oblivious to the cricket.

    why is this? is it bad? and what should i do?

    thanks in advance sam

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    It can take several introductions to live food for crested geckos to get the idea that they're good to eat. Just be diligent about offering the crickets, make sure they are gutloaded and dusted ahead of time, and make sure you remove any uneaten bugs the next day. & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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      thank you! was getting worried, so this is normal? what do you mean by gutloaded and dusted? sorry im new to this haha

      thans alot


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        Gut loading crickets is simply feeding them nutritious foods before giving them to your gecko. This can be done by providing fresh veggies and/or a commercial cricket food like Repashy Bug Burger. Gut loading crickets for 24 hours before feeding them to your gecko is what works best. It makes the cricket a more nutritious meal. Dusting crickets with a calcium supplement does the same thing, improves the nutrition value of prey insects. For example, I use Repashy Calcium Plus when dusting crickets.