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My new breeder male & a pic of LM so he doesn't get jeal

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  • My new breeder male & a pic of LM so he doesn't get jeal

    Just thought I'd share a pic of Itsy. He was very small when I got him...but, that's not the case now!! He's now officially my largest male...and he's still gaining!!

    I just recently set him up w/my female Harley. It will be their first breeding season. Make me some gorgeous babies you two!!!

    Oh, btw...these are Itsy's day colors...he actually gets much, much, darker....his chocolate color looks nearly black at times...and the rust contrast is sooo cool!!

    PS...Little Monster isn't being replaced...he's just taking a break :wink:
    Here's a semi-recent picture of him...these are also day colors (and the camera really washed him out). He is very orange when fired up 8)

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    Aw, I LOVE Itsy!!


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      I love them both .
      -Marina York-

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        Awesome geckos!The top ones showing some awesome color!
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          Very Nice
          Derek Dunlop

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            They're adorable! What nice geckos!
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              Lovely looking Cresties
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