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- Warning- Very poor quality control in National Geographic decorations

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  • - Warning- Very poor quality control in National Geographic decorations

    Just a heads up to everybody. I got a reptile hide/ledge combination from the new national geographic line of cage decorations and I had to return both of them.

    1) I got a standing fern that provided nice cover and when I went to wash it for first use I ended up staining my shirt from the amount of green ink that was released when I washed it. There were also very sharp exposed metal wires on the end of the main support rod for the fern.

    2)This log had SHARP protruding points extending from inside of the plastic where it was molded. It was if the plastic had cooled and the remaining drip formed a sharp point from being extracted from the mold. This was inside and I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't run my finger along the inside of the log.

    Please be very careful with these products folks. Last thing we need is a jabbed gecko from these things. Although, given the nature of their natural habitat I'd hope most geckos would be smart enough not to get jabbed.

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    Oh that sucks they look great! I've found a couple of things that look like these by looking in the aquatic section, of course you have to wash them thoroughly before they go into the tank but sometimes there are some really nice plant/rock decorations.


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      They are some of the nicest decorations I've ever seen. Aside from the ink thing, the sharp points can probably be filed down and removed. However, These can probably be bought with the expectation that some modification is required.


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        I went and posted this warning on my tumblr for others to have a fair warning before purchasing something like this, I hope it gets some circulation.


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          I don't suppose you got pictures of the exposed wires from the ones you bought and returned? That would be helpful as it could have been a defect in the ones you got. Always good to inspect your furnishings!
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