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Keeping temperatures cool in summer and questions about chameleons (due to temps etc)

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  • Keeping temperatures cool in summer and questions about chameleons (due to temps etc)

    I fear my apartment will be a sauna in the summer and very hard to cool off. (if it's 88 outside it will likely be that in here - but i havent lived here for a summer). what do you guys do to keep it cool. I saw where I got my crestie, they now have a jacksons and i believe it is a vieled chameleon. I LOVE CHAMS however have not owned one. I saw the jacksons likes it up to 80 F, but I thought chams like it higher in the mid 80s range. It also says they are advanced but how hard can it be. If anyone with cham experience could message me and tell me about it that'd be great. and for here, please say what you do to keep temperatures cool in the normal room temperature range! I live in an old 2 family and there is no A/C and thermostat will be useless due to past experiences! so far i have normal room temps, i believe it's 72 F now in here.

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    Unfortunately, cresties and I believe many chameleons are temperature sensitive. You can try a window-based AC or a portable AC to keep the room cooler. If you can't cool the room, it's going to require diligence on your part to keep the tank(s) cool with frozen water bottles placed on top or wrapped in a towel inside the tanks. Fans don't actually drop the temperature, and they can dry the tanks out, which is dangerous. You can use damp towels/sheets in front of the fan to make a type of swamp cooler for the room, but again you need to re-wet everything at least once or twice a day.

    I live in Arizona where it's very hot in the summer, so it's pretty expensive to keep everyone cool by running the AC but it's really important to control temperatures.
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      Not using a thermostat for a heating device is a fire hazard. Heat rises, so if I was keeping chams in the same room as cresteds, I would put my geckos at floor level and the chams higher. Keep the room at about 70-75F and use a thermostat controlled heating device for each cham cage. In my experience, heat panels and ceramic heat emitters do nicely.
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        I live in the Boston area without AC. My living room can get into the 90's when there's a heat wave. When I had a smaller population, they would go into alternative cages in basement (where it's much cooler) on really hot days, This got more difficult as the population grew. Currently, I put cold packs in the cages on hot days and that's worked really well, The crestie, leachie and gargs are all fat and healthy,.



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          I'm in the boston area too.. i can just see my apartment being the same temperature as outside. i thought chams needed higher temps but seems relatively the same. as i only have one crestie... maybe cool pack will work in the cage... so far seems to be doing fine with misting twice a day. i am trying to observe eating. havent seen any cgd eating in awhile, as before had witnessed. live feeds and my guy is all about it... soooo. not sure how cresties grow, mine seems a bit longer than other months but not gaining the weight i'd think, but i think i saw something about taking them awhile to start to get "big" like the adults look like.


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            Hello, I live in Southern, ca. and it has already gotten close to 100 degrees outside recently. I was concerned when I bought Topaz (my current and first crestie) about keeping her tank cool enough during the hot weather! I knew I'd be able to figure out something though. I bought 11 of the shipping gel cold packs from the pangea store a couple months ago. I have them in the freezer and I put a piece of aluminum foil on top of her cage in two places. Depending on the temp in her cage I either put one or two gel packs on top of the foil. I put them in small sandwich baggies first. So far it has worked out great for me, her tank has never gone above 78 degrees even when it's in the high 90's, low 100's outside without a/c on in the house! I'd recommend buying a good amount of them. I like to switch them out when they start to thaw plus I'll have to use some on my hamsters cage when it starts getting hotter.
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