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Crested gecko eating substrate?

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  • Crested gecko eating substrate?

    Hey guys. My little gal will not stop eating her substrate. Whether it be paper towel or eco earth, she eats it. She eats CGD and refused crickets. Is there anyway to get her to stop eating this substrate I am afraid of what can happen to her

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    Is it by accedent or purpose? If she keeps missing her food bowl and eating substrate, then it would recommended a magnetic feeding ledge. If she just eats her substrate for fun, then I would just take out substrate completely or put down repti carpet.


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      I agree with dragoo, but would also add -- is she gravid? She may have pica -- she may be craving more minerals or nutrients and eating non-food things in a misguided attempt to get them. Have you tried adding a little extra calcium to her food to see if she stops her substrate-chomping ways?

      (I know that, e.g. Repashy CGD is supposed to be fully balanced, but I've had laying females get kinky tails when that was all they were eating. I think that, for some laying females, the calcium in CGD is inadequate, and if your gecko won't take crickets, adding a little calcium dust to her CGD is the next-best way to get it into her).
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        I know for a fact that she does it for fun. No she is not gravid but I have calcium that I can add to her food and see if she stops her dirt chomping ways. Thanks guys I just hope she will be alright. I am almost positive if I get repti carpet she will try to eat that to as she has tried (and a lot of times succeeded) to eat paper towel.


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          Oh the little stinker! Some people use shelf liner. I think that would be more difficult to get a mouth full. I hope! Definitely give the calcium. I use a tiny bottle cap with calcium for my girls to take a bite whenever they want to. I have seen them take an occasional lick and footprints too!
          Good luck!

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            Hey guys, sorry for resurrecting the ol thread. I have put calcium in her food but to no avail she still eats the substrate. Whether its coco fiber or paper towel she eats it :/ Any more suggestions? TIA


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              Perhaps use nothing as a substrate? You would have to clean it daily, and maybe mist it more for humidity issues, but wouldn't that be safer then risking her eating something she shouldn't be?

              OR Put down something she can't bite at. Like covering the whole bottom with tile?

              Either way I would sanitize the floor after each poop or daily


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                She could be sampling the substrate, my female tends to do that when i change the substrate (Eco Earth) she tends to stop after moving to a few different spots. although it sounds like yours just like the taste of anyting I would change to paper towels or some form of liner
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                  I second the "use nothing" idea. She sounds like she's got a tough case of the nibbles and I really can't think of anything else you could do at this point. If she eats paper towels she'll probably try to eat shelf liner, and may even succeed. And if she tries to eat repti-carpet she's likely to get her teeth stuck in it. She shouldn't be uncomfortable without substrate, but you might have to mist more often, and you'd need to clean the cage bottom every day.
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