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"Glow in the Dark" Mushrooms

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  • "Glow in the Dark" Mushrooms

    Have you guys ever used these "Glow in the Dark" Mushrooms?

    Whether you have or not what are your thoughts on them?
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    I bought some but haven't used them yet mostly because I'm having some issues finding some pieces of fresh hardwood (they require hardwood pieces to drill into and set the plugs). I have a family member that is going to send me some from Illinios. I know they take awhile to grow but I'll start a new post once I see they're growing if you're still curious by then.


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      Cool! Worth checking out! Thanks for posting....may be purchasing in the near future!
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        They have some threads on this on dendroboard, I think most who have ordered these have been disappointed. They don't ever sprout and when they do do not look like the mushroom pictured on the advertisement. I'm sure if you search dendroboard you can find more info on it. .


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          Panellus Stipticus does NOT look like what is pictured there, but the species does glow. I've never tried using a fungi in any terrariums, but I know my mushrooms pretty well ('shroom hunter extraordinaire!). It is a small, foul-tasting mushroom (in nature it does tend to grow in clusters), and it is much more attractive once it is mature. I can't imagine it would survive for very long inside a terrarium though, if it does I'd love to try it! With correct environment I can't imagine it not growing initially though. With mushrooms, it is "if there's a will there's a way".

          Or, really, if there's a spore there will be a shroom!
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