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  • Super worms~!

    I just bought my first batch of super worms and calci worms... can all eat? or are there restrictions.. gargs and panthers too????

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    There is some speculation with Superworms and cresties I think, many believe they can't digest the hard outer shell of the superworms so many don't feed them. However I have fed my girls pieces of 'freshly shed' superworms and they gobbled them up happily. But if you choose to feed superworms, then I would only give it as an occasional treat as they are a bit of a fatty worm compared to crickets or roaches. I imagine whatever a crestie could eat, a garg could eat too, since they come from the same type of environment, but as for you mean panther chameleons? I personally know nothing of them so I couldn't say anything on those.

    Calci worms however are a soft bodied worm, like maggots so they should be fine for cresties and gargs. They are very high in calcium too so they don't need dusting so if your animals take them then they would be a healthy source of protein I believe.


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      Panther Gecko... its a pictus gecko


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        Ahh, I see, I have heard of them before, but I still don't know much about them lol, but I imagine the calci worms would be good for them too, and perhaps the superworms too. Though if you want to eliminate any risk of impaction from not being able to digest the outer shell then only feed freshly shed supers. However I've fed my tiger salamander supers most of the time I've had him though, which is three years and he's never had issues digesting the outer shell, but of course he is an amphibian and well suited to digesting different sort of insects with outer shells. I guess the best you could do is to find out as much about what the panther geckos eats in its natural habitat to find out if it eats a lot of beetles or other higher chitin type insects, if they do then I imagine they wouldn't have too much trouble with supers.