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  • Rescued Gecko.

    Hello all. We just recently rescued a Beautiful Red Crestie from someone who knew they couldn't take care of Crested Geckos. He was a bearded Dragon breeder who thought he could start with crested Geckos but realized 1) his reptile room was too hot 2) Feeding requirements were too different 3) The humidity was too low 4) He lost interest and just wanted to find a good home for him. He was at the Long Island Reptile Expo and got him from a breeder but Basically the gecko did not get the proper care it deserved at this person's house. We took him in and he is now in his newly cleaned cage alone. He doesn't move a lot (maybe adjusting to new home). He is skittish, leading me to think he wasn't handled much either. The person we got the Gecko from said he had not seen him eat recently (which I believe because he is VERY thin) but he did however eat a lot of Gecko diet w/ Calcium added last night. The previous owner of the Gecko told me he was bought as a red flame, but last night he seemed a solid color. Today, after eating a cap full of diet and a good misting, his creamsicle flame pattern is very faint but existent. Could this just be a matter of firing up or lack of calcium? We suspect he was not misted much either, due to the fact that when we brought him home, and misted him, he acted as if he had not drank water for a while. He also had small patches of left over shed on his body (toes, eyelids). All my other Geckos do fine without UV lighting, but for this case, should I use a low level for him? We're doing the best we can to give this gecko the best care he deserves and we would love to hear any other advice on the matter. As always, Thank You Everyone!

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    I don't think a UV would hurt, and if you already have a fixture, you may as well try it out. I have UV on a few of my juvenile's enclosures as a sort of experiment to see if they grow any better/faster than their un-lit compatriots, but so far no difference. I would continue adding calcium, and does he have a live plant in his tank? Something living would help retain more moisture; you could also try adding a dish of water. A sauna (some time spent in a warm shower with the water on low) would help with the stuck shed and will help increase humidity.

    Good luck with the little guy! Can you post pics?
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      Poor baby( He sounds very stressed out...glad he is someplace safe!
      I would recommend exposing him to UVB maybe twice a week for awhile..just for an extra boost.
      He may very well have more defined colors after settling in for a few weeks...after he is hydrated fully and has a good shed he will probably look a LOT better.
      For now...keep things quiet, do not attempt to handle him...just feed, mist, etc. and leave him be.

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        Thanks a lot! We do have a water dish and a live plant in his tank. It looks like we're on the right track. Thank you so much!


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          Does anyone know a good level of UVB for Cresteds? Just for a few hours a week? Thanks Guys.