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Gecko purchase gone bad

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  • Gecko purchase gone bad

    So I purchased this gorgeous red harly gecko last week and paid in full upon purchase. He then told me that there would be extra shipping cost and I agreed to pay as well. I paid both amounts in full to find out that this week he no longer wants to sell his gecko. Has anyone else had problems with this issue? I personally believe there is no way that he can hold out on a gecko that has already been paid in full. Im am leaving this ad anonymous at this moment in hopes he will change his mind, but with business like this I will let others know
    Myles O'Reilly

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    The biggest question i have is, if he is choosing to holdback the gecko is he going to refund you the money?

    My biggest fear when buying in trade unless they are known well. Hope it all turns out ok!!
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      Buyers do this to me often, pay in full, then want a full refund because their car broke down, they changed their mind, or they found a similar animal at a show and don't want to pay shipping anymore.

      Its tacky, but as long as he refunds his money, the animal is still in his possession and therefore still theirs. It is typical to pay additional shipping and should be assumed unless it is stated otherwise. I wouldn't hesitate to write a BOI article about their tacky customer service once you have your refund if you feel his customer service was lacking. : Color, Contrast, Structure
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        As long as he promptly refunds your money, I'd chalk it up to a bad experience and put him on your 'don't deal with' list. If he hesitates on the refund, then obviously take it to the BOI, making sure to save and post all correspondence. Don't do anything over the phone, because you know the masses will want to see proof. It stinks for you, but, if you get your money back, sometimes it just isn't worth it to get entangled in a BOI situation.



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          Others have covered how I would feel, but also, if you have not yet, be very clear about getting your money back - be firm and tell him he has 48 hours to refund you in full or you will initiate a chargeback through Paypal (or ... however you made payment, I hope you have some recourse). Don't hesitate on this kind of thing because flighty people can become scammers really quickly. Don't let them talk you into buying a gecko you don't really want, either.

          Re: posting on the BOI though, just be aware a lot of people over there will have a "so what" attitude, if you get your money back. To a lot of people changing one's mind isn't a huge deal. If you didn't get your money back, though, that's a different story.
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            People are within their rights to change their mind; however, it's their actions following this change that really determines the character of the person you're dealing with. Any reputable breeder/seller would have apologized and promptly refunded your money and/or offered a viable replacement from their stock if there's one available. Anything short of that - do what you can to get your money back yourself, and then yes, take it to the BOI as a warning to other potential buyers.



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              Thanks guys I was finally offered a full refund thanks for the advise everything has been finalized. If anyone has any Red Harlys I would love one to replace her
              Myles O'Reilly