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Humid Hide - What Sphanum moss to buy?

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  • Humid Hide - What Sphanum moss to buy?

    Hi guys,

    My gecker had her first bad shed this week, she had a large chunk on her stomach, one smaller chunk on the backside of her front left leg, and one tiny piece in her left ear. I managed to get 99% of all of this off with some tweezers and a sauna.

    It is very very dry where I live and I struggle to get the humidity to 60% when I mist and run the shower for 10 minutes to let the apt get some moisture. I was looking into sphagnum moss and was not sure which kind to get. Live or dead? obviously with no chemicals.

    I found some Live on ebay for 10$ that looks pretty solid: also had a few for around 10$ but only sold the dead variety. Some were tan, some were green, but I don't believe any were alive.

    I will just be using a Tupperware container with some moss inside to hopefully raise the humidity and to provide a humid hide for her.

    Does anyone have a clue which type I should be purchasing or certain things I should be looking for?

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    I just buy the dry kind at Petsmart...I wonder if the live moss could carry any kind of contaminants? I've never used it...but I'm sure someone will point you the right way

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      You can do a couple things to trap humidity:

      1. Wrap your screen in plastic wrap.
      2. But the moss from petsmart, sit in bucket of water for 10 minutes and add to tank. Then just re wet it when dry.
      3. Get some fir bark substrate and sprinkle it around ( its made to hold moister)

      Im in Arizona and its 110+ everyday in the summer, i have some fir bark with moss from petsmart and i spray one time very heavy at night. I never get below 30 then back to 80-90 at night.
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        As for the Sphagnum, I think whole, non-cut and free of any additives kind works the best. I also got some exo-terra forest moss which works well, but I think any of the mosses on this page would work fine
        Zoo Med even makes a "New Zealand Sphagnum Moss".