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  • Crestie heating

    I have one baby crestie right now in a critter keeper and I have an eexo terra 12-12-18 for when he gets bigger. My room is very cold(65 degrees I measured) and I wanted to know what watt bulb for the red night glo ones would be be best to get it up to the right temp

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    You're probably going to have experiment a little bit with bulbs. Definitely get yourself a good digital thermometer (or two) and test them starting with the lowest wattage. If that's not enough, get the next one up, etc.

    I currently have a 50-watt blue bulb on my 18x18x24 Exo Terra for my White-lined geckos- the house is around 68-70 degrees and it's keeping the cage at around 73-74, which is enough of an increase for me. Since my cage is larger than yours, it's safe to assume the same wattage would increase the temp more for you. So start low and just return/swap out the bulbs until you have the temperature you're looking for.

    Also keep in mind not to place a dome light directly on top of the screen lid- since Cresties climb and sometimes like to scale the ceiling, the screen can heat up from the light and potentially burn them
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      I have one 25watt red night glo bulb in my 12x12x18 tank for my one crested and it keeps the temps around perfect. At the top end of the tank its around 78F or so and the temp lowers some by the time it reaches the bottom of the tank. A nice temp gradient so the crested can decide where she wants to be at.


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        A 15 -25 watt red or moonglow bulb will work. Just make sure you monitor the temps regularly.
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          at night time 65 is fine. i just use a regular incandescent 60 watt light bulb during the day in winter to raise the temps to the 70's and give a proper day/night cycle. so much cheaper than buying one of those expensive red bulbs, and seem to last much longer too.